About Us

What We Stand For

FLUV which means "For Love" is all about communicating love via gifts. We take every moment and conserve it, so memories last and are cherished forever. 

We celebrate your moments using exquisite gifts and items that are thoughtfully put together and handcrafted by experts, scrutinizing every piece to maintain the quality that adds value. 

We have a variety of pieces available for any occasion that means something to you. This collection of items comprises personalized jewelry, accessories, unique gifts, artifacts, and other charming items that your significant other, friend, family member, or anyone close to your heart will love and adore forever. 

We strive not to provide you with any other item to celebrate, but a meaningful keepsake that will become a part of your legacy.

Why FLUV Designs? 

Our items are a result of thoughtful love and they are incredibly personalized, making them a treasure that becomes a part of your relationship as individuals that share the same feelings and bonds. 

In its truest sense, what we do is capture your memories and translate it into something tangible so that you can celebrate day after day, forever, with the one you love. 

Much love,
Fluv Team